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Killer hangover, randy all day, but couldn't take the time to even edge in the bathroom because there was so much to do. I did manage to work out in my office, and then hit the gym on the way home. Towards the middle-end of my workout, some guy off Recon texted, but he repeatedly asked for my "stats," even though I'd already given them, and kept talking about pain and oral, even though I told him I don't do pain and oral is foreplay. The very last time he finally said not a match, but I was already on my way home.

Bryan said he'd rescheduled his appointment so he could try to see his doctor, but he hadn't, he'd just not gone. Which is a problem. I texted with various folks from the weekend, finally managed trim my hair and shower, jerked off once at the computer and again getting into my toy chest. I was pretty worried about it, but it was only a little uncomfortable, not quite painful.


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