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Minor freakout in the morning. I texted Willis, asking about the errands and he responded "everything went according to plan." But...the plan is still to give my car back, right? Not only was that the plan, but he'd put fuel in it and cleaned it out. Amazing.

Chip was running late, which is fine because Willis was also running late, and Dave....canceled coming at all, because I hadn't set the time. On the one hand, I don't want him to think I'm so scatterbrained that I asked my cameraman *the night before* and only provided those details he asked for. On the other hand, I don't want him thinking he was my second choice for cameraman, and I realistically *am* normally that scatterbrained, so I left it at that.

The shoot was more than a little awkward. Willis asked to have straight porn on, which is fine. But he stared at it *intently* the entire time. But it wasn't the worst shoot I've ever had. He stayed hard, fucked me in several positions, and was able to cum (though just on my face, not on/in my ass). I should have warned him that I'm a shooter, because my cum got all over him. It was the first time he's had penetrative sex with a man, and it was like "having sex with his dad." Willis is about a decade older than me.

I managed to get his check written and his contracts signed, offered him a ride, but he fell asleep on the couch next to Bryan. Adam wanted to meet at The Hole, but I had to push it back as Willis finally woke up, and wanted me to take him to cash his check first. But had no idea where to go, and the online branch locator was worse than useless. Also, he forgot his shoes at my place and asked me to buy him a new pair. After trying 3 different ATM locations, I gave up on getting his check cashed, but still gave him a ride home to Clairemont. On the way there, he got *another* call from a client. Some guy wanting to be cuckolded in front of his wife.

Some small, distant, petty part of my brain is screaming at how much work he's getting over having a big dick. And screaming about his request for a hotel room, for my Lyft account, for new shoes, as those are surely the sorts of things he's accustomed to getting from fans of his dick. But I kept the voice small and distant and finally arrived at The Hole. Made my way to Adam, who gave me a huge hug and kiss. He's looking at moving back, and I offered my place. Just like old times. They didn't stay long, which freed me up to flirt with other guys. And there were a lot of guys who were digging me today. A guy from PS named Ryan, Dave from OB, Hector, Eli, Brad, Dimitri. Ryan wanted to have a 4 way, Dave wants to fuck this week, Hector wanted to take me home, but I had to explain that I almost never hook up in person. He usually hooks up in person, so he was frustrated.

He and Dimitri wanted to go to PECS, and since I'd just had one drink, I volunteered to drive us. PECS was fun, but my favorite bartender, Jasper, wasn't working. And I had 3 more drinks there, so my night gets a little fuzzy. Finally stumbled home and crashed.


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