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Finally got around to telling my mum about July, and she's absolutely free that Friday...because she was just fired. It sucks, but it could also be very good for her. She's better than being a CSR.

Repeatedly opened and closed the email quitting the Diva show, but eventually ran out of time to send it and went to rehearsal. I'm Every Woman was first, but Joe was running late, so we practiced what we remembered. Jesus and Jenna in particular really have it down quite well. Joe didn't actually remember it as well as them. After getting a decent night's sleep and having a more structured rehearsal, I felt much better about it. Actually, now that we know what we're doing, I kind of love it. There are several pirouettes, and I'm very happy. Dance With Somebody was next, and I pwn that one anyway. The dance part, anyway. The flags I have a little more trouble with. Last was I'm Coming Out, which I missed the first rehearsal for, so I don't know nearly as well. DJ commented that if I wasn't in front, you know something's wrong. Fair. But I felt comfortable by the end of it.

When I parked at home, there was a large mirror sitting next to the spot where I parked. I've just been browsing CL again looking for one, and viola. Now I just need a cat tree. I brought the mirror inside, gobbled down some tofu, and headed to the pool party. It was a surprisingly eclectic group of people. Lots of chorus folk, of course, but also Seaman, Ryan & Aaron, and a couple new friends. I talked to Marcus, an SDGMC dancer who's been cast in the show twice and quit twice. He talked about PrEP, and progress, and about the Broadway show, which he saw the DVD of and couldn't stop watching me in it. Go me! I didn't drink, but I didn't stay there long, either. My potential costar, Willis, asked if I could get him a hotel or something for the night - I offered my couch, kept checking my phone to make sure he wasn't homeless or something. While checking for that, I happened to get a text for Dusty. As much as I was enjoying the party, I was a little upset that I hadn't been able to work the night before, so that's gonna take precedence. Drove home, showered off, then up to La Jolla at The Lodge in Torrey Pines. I'd never been there before, and it's beautiful. A little slice of Scotland, to the point that the bellhops wear kilts.

The client had identified themselves as a couple, vers bottoms. I'd said I was vers, love eating ass, then remembered that I hadn't seen them and didn't know anything about them, so I might have gotten myself into trouble. But then the door opened and a very hot, tattoed man named Jesse was standing there, introduced me to his blond/blue eyed partner. They tag teamed me, I ate Jesse's ass, both came in me, I came all over my face. I had such a great time, I felt bad about taking their money, but they'd been texting several boys, and someone was going to get it.

Willis had texted while I was occupied, asking if I'd get a drink with him, so I went straight to the cafe he was at in Banker's Hill. I didn't get anything, he talked, in the usual methy way, about his prison history and his plans for now. He'd already had one client that morning, and got another while we were sitting there. On the way to drop him off at his client, he asked to use my Lyft account for a bunch of errands he had to run after. I know way too many people who've been fucked over by doing that, so I let him use my car instead. Which makes total sense to me, even if it's not necessarily the brightest move I've ever made.

Shannon had to bail as the cameraman, which sucks. One because it means I'm out as a cameraman, and two because I really want Shannon to be there while I'm fucking. Him. Dave said he'd do it and asked for the address. Since I'm not doing anything crazy, shooting in my room works just fine.

Adam Studley had asked for places to go with his partner, as they're in town, but they'd already been to Mo's (then why am I just getting this text?). But he did invite me with them to Flick's in the evening, though they canceled that, too, as they went to Mo's for lunch and got too drunk.

Chip, it turns out, was also in town, but wasn't sad that Adam canceled the Flick's trip, as he was also tired. He's going to serve as backup cameraman tomorrow, and take stills with his iPhone.
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