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A client hit me up in the morning, but left off asking how old I *really* am. I told him, offered proof, and he said he didn't need it.

One of the "secret" groups I belong to on FB has (at least) 2 boys I've slept with in it. Josh is a tall, thin, nerdy, hung ginger who invited me to tag team a chubby greedy bottom with him a few years back. I did, but at some point the greedy bottom needed a break, so I took over bottoming. I'm *such* a good friend. Josh's contact has been sporadic at best over the years, and I'm starting to suspect he's just very very very awkward in his online communications. He might want to do porn, and asked for my help, but keeps going silent when I find opportunities for him. Warren I slept with last week, despite the hoops I had to jump through. The two were flirting on the site, which is only irritating because Warren waits for the end of the flirt to explain his requirements. Neither could host, so I said I could. And then I got added to a group chat about an orgy. Irritation again that I wasn't added before that. But whatever.

Got home, got cleaned up and waited. The group was supposed to start at 5, but everyone was running late. Not a problem, as my stomach suddenly started getting wonky. More shower time. I still wasn't confident when the boys showed up, but I figured I'd just top. Ultimately, I had to keep running to the bathroom in between fuckings, but I didn't make a mess on anyone, and I managed to top 2 people, so I'm good. Mostly I ate Johnny's ass. It was amazing. I wasn't going to cum, but one of the other guys held on to do it, then Johnny wanted to, so I did, too. Of course I had the best shot.

Tim came over after everyone left, we talked briefly, though I was way too tired to engage in conversation. And then the client from earlier messaged me, wanting me to come over now. Bummer, but I was spent and couldn't really do anything. He was oddly insistent, which actually freaked me out a little. Maybe good that I wasn't up for it.


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