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Woke up before 4, but that didn't stop me. 2 flower pots of coffee might also have had something to do with it, tbh. *FINALLY* got slightly ahead on claims despite what seemed like a never ending stream of them. Someone on FB mentioned that Rubio's is having a job faire, so I texted Bryan as much, but I figured he'd be sleeping. Our meeting largely went well, I avoided the chips, which isn't that difficult to do, worked out 3 times in my office, since I figured I wouldn't have a chance to hit the gym.

Bought essentials at the store, avoided vegan mayo, got quarters. Got a reply from Bryan, but not about the job faire. Jeff was at my place, standing next to a chair and drifting in and out of consciousness. I walked in to find an even more disheveled looking than usual Jeff, shirt open, pants literally falling off his ass, clearly high. This, of course, is somewhat upsetting. More upsetting though was that my first thought was not upset, but rather how fucking hot he looked, and a little jealousy over all the sex he surely must be having. Really, I was more disturbed by my reaction to his appearance than his appearance itself.

Bryan was passed out on his bed, naked except for his robe, but he woke up a few minutes later. He's got some kind of very very painful STD, but might also be able to get a place of his own through the Youth Housing. I'm kind of upset with myself that I didn't think of it first, really.

Jeff followed me into my room rambling about a number of topics. I couldn't make out most of them, but he mentioned wanting to shove someone's face into a blender. Repeatedly. Was almost crying over it at one point. And I'm still not sure who it was. I finally extricated myself to do laundry, review Express This Way, and spend some time with Lady Miss Friday before rehearsal. I put my towels out to dry on the balcony, and it's horrible out there. I'm amazed I have any cups left inside, bags and bags of trash (which I guess could be worse), broken pipes, etc. I really need to get my place back to myself ASAP, or I'm gonna get kicked out myself.

I realized I'd missed a rehearsal last Monday - our first for Mama's Broken Heart - but downloaded the video. It's horrible. A tiny bit of line dancing, because Country Music, but then just...shit. Got to rehearsal a little early, went over the choreography we'd learned with some boys who weren't previously there. Joe and Keith said we'd just be learning the second half of it instead of reviewing the first half. That's fine, I've got the video to rehearse with. Unfortunately, Joe and Keith were making up large swaths on the fly. Like....all of it, and asking each other how much more music they had to fill. I can't with this. One of the other dancers came up to me after to ask what I'd been doing to lose weight, which is at least nice to hear.

Jeff had passed out on the couch when I left for rehearsal, but was hanging on to consciousness watching some show on Netflix when I came back. I told him it needed to be turned way down because I was going to bed, and Bryan co-signed. He turned it down, I went to bed with Lady Miss Friday, but he walked in a few minutes later. Took him a few minutes to talk, but he finally mentioned that the other guy on the couch (Nick) had stolen some of my dick pills, and his initial plan was to try to leverage them for...something? I can always get more pills, I'd have given them away if he'd asked. I'm angry that this random guy decided to take advantage of the place giving him shelter, and I'm angry that Jeff let him in my room at all, much less let him steal from me.

It took me far too long to get to sleep.


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