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4am. Of course. Laid in bed for a while kind of wishing I had work, but finally hopped online. Jesse hit me up, so I picked him up from his place in BFEast County. We flip fucked - I bottomed first, since he was finally hard enough, and then topped him until he came. It was his birthday, so I was happy to have a sexfest, but most people were still sleeping or else at work. He ended up jerking again - there was actually no cum for about 10 seconds, and then just a drop. Kind of amazing, really. I made him coffee and waffles, let him play the nostalgia machine and drink from the bottle of rum. Matt and Victor posted that they needed help moving - Victor is sick, and they just got back from burying Matt's mum, so yeah, we can take some time out for that. It was long and exhausting and made me feel much better about my packing jobs. Jesse tapped out after about 45 min, which I certainly don't blame him for. Matt noted that he was being helped by a trans woman, straight guy, and a porn star, and how that diversity of community was missing for him back home.

I picked Hugo up, as he'd offered to help organize my room, but we were both exhausted. Unfortunately, when we laid down, he also put Tinashe on loud, and I can't sleep with music unless the song is amazing and so quiet I can almost not hear it. This was neither, though I enjoyed Ghetto Boy. When he woke up, we laid there a while, just staring in each other's eyes and then he asked if he could see the boy I'm dating...record scratch, what? Turns out he'd thought the story of my going to PS for Desert Romp when I first started dating Julian was current, not in the past. Oh, lord.

We did end up cleaning my room, and did a great job, really. Threw away a couple trash bags full of stuff - some trash, some could have been donated, but I've had it for years and never got around to doing that, so at this point it needs to be gone. I suddenly remembered that the Encore show was tonight, messaged with Chip. Hugo wanted us to go to Evolution for dinner, and Chip wanted to join us. I paid for dinner, then we headed out to the show. There was zero parking and a line, which turned out to be a sold out show, so good for them. I'd have been fine sitting on the ground, but blah blah blah firecode. I was actually ready to leave - they get three more seats in the theatre, and our money, I get to go to sleep sooner. But Chip and Hugo both wanted to stay, and Amanda found seats for us. Encore is still finding their happy medium on giving everyone solos vs having a good show. But it got better as it went on, except for Being Alive. I hate that song anyway, and the arrangement got my hopes up that they'd launch into a kick line at the bridge. Anthony was stellar as the host. I can't imagine delivering that number of lines perfectly or having to make the number of changes he did on the fly. I also loved his Effie Trinket, who might have been just a bit drunk.

I was going to ask Chip to drop Hugo off so I could get to bed, but he had stuff at my place. Okay. Cleared a spot when I finally did get home, set up the camera and put on a show. It was fun, if brief. Lady Miss Friday kept running in front of the camera and my shot, while voluminous, looked like Elmer's glue. Not only that, but despite being exhausted, I couldn't sleep. Jerked off again, this time sans camera and just in my usual spot next to the bed, but still couldn't sleep for at least an hour.

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Anthony was stellar as the host. I can't imagine delivering that number of lines perfectly or having to make the number of changes he did on the fly.

Danke, bunneh <3


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