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Managed two workouts during the day but still didn't feel quite well enough to go to the gym. Unfortunately, I also ate too much at home, though it was just "meatballs." I was going to walk over to the auditions, but then I remembered I still need to go grocery shopping. I think it still took me longer than if I'd just walked, given the parking situation, but I was relatively early.

Overall, it was a great audition. I felt good about the movement and the feeling of each piece. There were louder, hammier dancers there, which I always back off from. I refuse to get into a proverbial or literal shouting match to stand out. I refuse to do it when they're better dancers, because that's ultimately embarassing, and I refuse to do it when I'm a better dancer, because my dancing will speak for itself.

The first combo was to "My Shot" from Hamilton, a song they're not even doing in the show. Presumably something to do with the money for the rights. I'm delighted that show brings so much joy to my friends and is such a milestone in theatre history, but if people could stop sucking Hamilton dick for like...a second, that would be so great. And I'm the last person to suggest anyone stop sucking dick. It was only two 8 counts and not terribly complex, but Joe kept changing the counts. When we finally did it to music, the results were mixed. Keith and RC showed up just as we were about to split into groups and perform. RC either taped it on his phone or was busy playing Angry Birds.

Keith's number was next, lifted directly from the Hairspray Live! version of "You Can't Stop The Beat." It turns out I'm not very good at the Funky Chicken. But the rest of it was fine, and my performance quality was fine, if they didn't mind my lip synching the whole time. The last number, another tiny two 8 count bit from Newsies, was no fucking joke. Attitude turn into a half-time double into a tour en l'air, on carpet. I loved it. I could have done it all night, and I really hope that most of the dancing in the show is this style. All of the other auditioners decidedly did not love it, though, and GMC is more about community participation than best possible shows, so we'll see.

Watched a couple episodes of 30 Rock before crashing with Lady Miss Friday, and one of them included the awesome Jenna quote: "That's for my cell phone, that's for my laptop, that's for my erotic massager, and that one's for something personal." I feel more like her all the time.

I've heard less from Hugo this week than usual. I messaged him on Tuesday evening, but he just said he was having a great week. He's leaving on the first, so maybe he's letting things cool down before he does? He hasn't let me know what's going on with his post-Hawaii plans, either. I have a big party to go to in LA on Saturday, so that would actually be kind of convenient.

Date: 2017-02-01 04:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*clears throat*

"First of all, bitch."

Just kidding.

But seriously, *Clears throat*

SDGMC can absolutely get the music rights to "My Shot" because we did and we don't have a tenth of their budget or underwriters. Any other reasons I could give for them not doing it in their shows would be specualtion and me sounding like a hater.

ALSO, You will never get my mouth off the Hamilton dick ever!!!!


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