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Not quite as early as the day before, so no workout for me. But I did get the laundry in, get cleaned up, and ride Hugo again. With no Farmer's Market, I didn't have as many ideas for what we could do all day. I do kind of want to go to Big Lots and grab more organizational materials so my room can be less methy. He was maddeningly silent with plans, even as he started getting dressed, but finally asked to go to Evolution instead. He insisted I order something or he'd order for me, so I got a small "chicken" tenders. we walked to the park to eat, ate our food, he laid down on the table and I joined him.....but it was a little awkward because he just wanted to lay there in the moment - FOREVER, and I get restless after the first few days. A trio of boys walked past us when I finally got him up and we were just kissing, and one of them turned out to be Kyle. Oh hai!

Hugo's phone has had a crack in the upper corner for about 2 years, and is slightly raised from the rest of the phone, and suddenly the display started turning off randomly, and having a hard time turning back on. He sputtered about losing all his accounts, but between having no phone at all or a new one, he finally let me take him to Best Buy. Apparently him with electronics is like me with puppy dogs, so we wandered around the store, him playing with various gadgets, writing my name on a couple of Microsoft Surfaces. He's a pretty decent graphic designer, really, and apparently did that when he was younger. This kid is 23 and has already been an accountant and graphic designer. What the fuck am I doing with my life. He decided to try to fix it instead, which they can't do at Best Buy, so we walked over to A to Z wireless. The guy there was very nice, but they charge $100 to repair his model phone, and on overhearing the problem, said that might not even *be* the problem. Good of him to let us know in advance! So instead we walked over to Target, he bought a new phone, but the sim card is different. So then I drove us to the AT&T store so they could issue a new sim with his current phone.

As we walked around, Marvin messaged me about performing with the Diamond Dogs this week, brushing aside little concerns like say, that it was 3 days away. They have rehearsal tomorrow and I can learn everything then. I'm actually fine with this, if I can just get a video of the choreo to practice. Hugo was a little upset at my being on my phone but I explained (a couple times) that this was about a dance gig, not Grindr.

Death march of errands finally done, I drove us home...only to get caught in traffic merging because there was an accident. Obviously worse for the people in the accident...especially considering it was a car coming down the wrong way and ended up literally on top of the guard rail. We laid down at home and he fucked me another couple times. In between, he teased me with his butt, looked through my WhatsApp contacts and Instagram. At his request, I took down the picture of us, and to thank me, he added a pic of me and tagged it with standard gayboy Insta tags. It was effective, and the pic was a lot more popular than my last one. I also discovered that his real name is Adthie, which is pronounced a lot like Eddie....EDDIE! It's also a river in France, I come to find out. We almost had Brad over for a 3 way, but Hugo came inside me again instead. And then asked to go home, because he had to do homework from the last 3 days. I mean, he could have brought it if he'd just said something, but I guess I need to spend more time with Lady Miss Friday.

I briefly considered tricking, but settled on the couch with Lady Miss Friday and watched another couple episodes of Happy Endings instead. I went to bed around 9:30, had a surprisingly tough time sleeping. Jerked off twice, no use. Hugo started messaging around 11:30, even called me "baby," which I keep calling him in bed. He's nervous that we've been barebacking. If I thought there was any chance of transmission, I'd serosort to positive only. He was also curious about Diamond Dogs event, clarifying that it was a real dance show, not an orgy.

I finally got to bed sometime around 1 or 1:30, which means tomorrow's going to be lovely.

Date: 2017-01-19 06:14 am (UTC)
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This kid is 23 and has already been an accountant and graphic designer. What the fuck am I doing with my life.

No, Lupita.


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