Jul. 10th, 2017

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Crazy hungover and crazy randy all day. Even edged myself in the bathroom, which I hadn't done in a while. JJD came back, but now Din was out, so the workload didn't really let up, and is only going to get worse. I hit the gym, then reviewed "Mama's Broken Heart" at home, which is still terrible.

Mikey, the gent from Florida who discovered me through a scene I did with his ex, asked to call me, as though that's a big step. In fairness, I hate talking on the phone. I was early enough that I walked to rehearsal, and Mikey, who might have been drunkey, told me about some dreams he had. I had to cut things short once rehearsal started...though it turns out I needn't have, as RC is now saying he doesn't want dancers in the song. Good. I don't like it. Keith still asked us to stay around, so I did crunches on the floor.

Mikey talked to me longer when I got home and I finally begged off to sleep again. Even though I'd jerked off before, I did again. Great shots both times, and I really need to start filming these. They don't all need to be great, because some of them will be, and those are the ones I'll put out into the universe.


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