Jul. 4th, 2017

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I got a decent night's sleep for having gone to bed so late. But not quite early enough to still make it to the 9am brunch, and Lady Miss Friday was being needy besides. I did still make it to brunch. I had a mimosa, talked to George, sat down with the pups. And met a nice couple from Sweden on their honeymoon. One of them, Phillip, looks like Schmerber, so I made sure to Friend both of them and invite them to stay with me any time. The boys took off for Black's, I had a party to get to.

Warren messaged me, asking if he could come to the house party in the afternoon, and we walked over. The party started out pretty quiet, but it was good to see Leo again, and to spend time with Moose and Lexi. Warren is a lightweight, so had to take it easy after his first drink. I did the same, for the first part of the party. I met Bob, a FB friend of mine who is friends with my 1st Grade teacher, and he was tipsy enough to show his jock. I'm really glad no one made any ageist comments.

I got to meet several of my FB friends - Michele Ada, who is a big fan of my work, and a gent named Andrew, who I think had some sort of argument with another guest later in the night. I spent time talking to Rodney, who was their Santa at Christmas, and a young lady named Katie, who added me to several other Dog Lover FB groups. Talked more to Hanz, who might be dating Ed? Not sure. It started getting late, so we walked home. I figured that with Warren being allergic to cats, he would leave straight from the front door, but he decided to come inside with me and fuck. We started with a condom, but I think he might have given up at one point and fucked me bare. Lady Miss Friday is usually pretty good about staying off the bed, but decided to come say "hello," and that was the end of fun time. Warren went home, I crashed.


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