Jul. 3rd, 2017

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Chance cuddled before he fully woke up, but was far more standoffish once he finally woke up completely. I'd have given him a ride home, but I had to be at work and he lives in College Area. Bryan mentioned he was cute - with a touch of jealousy? - as I walked out the door.

Made it to work on time, kept my claims in check, worked out in my office. Richard messaged me in a panic, asking if I'd get him an Uber to work because he can't find his bus pass. Sure.

I hit the gym after work. Very short workout, but better than none, right? I hit up Chris Andino, but he was noncomittal. Robert Maybe hit me up, but then disappeared. Another guy hit me up but "fell asleep." Grady and Robby wanted to get together, but also disappeared. Charlie was interested in doing a scene for us, but his absolute minimum he's willing to work for is $800. Charlie doesn't do many scenes these days.

Nizar now needs 5k to attempt to get smuggled out. Wants to start a GofundMe

Richard went to Flicks, I stayed up too late doing nothing.


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