Jun. 20th, 2017

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Woke up on time, but not especially refreshed. I should probably have at least showered, or at least done laundry or something the day before. Oh well.

There'd been some kind of email issue in the morning, and Lynelle supplied that as the reason I hadn't sent my email. Yep, that's the one. Asked me to call instead next time, but given that I never actually call in, no one was upset, nothing had caught on fire.

I had a productive day, getting mostly caught up on claims, taking care of case offers. I had my monthly meeting, too. Dave and Lynelle were concerned about me, because my claims had gotten behind. Not about the claims themselves, just about me. They're good bosses.

I hit the gym after work, which was very sparse when I got there, but increasingly crowded as I left. I meant to do laundry, finally, but couldn't find my roll of quarters. It's more of an annoyance than anything else, really, but I didn't have it in me to go to the store after and get them/groceries. The only really upsetting part is that I'd already taken my jeans into the shower for a pre-rinse, so they were soaking wet.

I'd talked with some folks on Recon about getting together, and a guy named Davis who I met at Todd & Bruno's years back. We'd briefly fucked at the party, and been trying to get another go ever since then. The Recon guys never texted me, and Davis got into the 20 questions. When was my last test, how many men had I been with, when was their last test, how many men have they been with, what were their general health habits? This is getting absurd.

Particularly frustrating because Lady Miss Friday really wanted to lay next to me on the bed, and had to move when he finally showed up. He doesn't look like I remember, but it was a fine fuck. I came for him at the end, shot him in the face, he wiped it off and fed it back to me.

He wanted to get dinner, but I'm really just eating bricks of tofu these days. He stayed chatting for a bit - he's weirded out that I'm going to be in the porn videos fro SWoRN, which has me mildly freaked out - before I kicked him out around 8:30. I think he wants to date, which is a great big no in my book. Finally got to lay down with Lady Miss Friday after he left.


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