Jun. 18th, 2017

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A little before 7, strangely not hungover. Bonus of vomiting, I guess. Warren had messaged, wondering if we might get together early this morning, so I texted him, but didn't hear back until almost 10. He would be free this time after around 4 or 5pm, and so long as I hadn't even had oral sex with anyone else, we could fuck. Sure, kid.

Crosby, who I've been supposed to get together with for several years, but one of us was always in a relationship, is single again and asked to come over. Absolutely. He's a little more verbal than I expected, and got so excited that he came before we fucked. Flattering, really.

Tim asked if he could come by with Pupple, which became asking to join Sosa and I for lunch. Sosa, as it turns out, had forgotten about lunch, but could make it if we pushed it back to 1. No one had any opinion on where we should go, except that Sosa wanted to stay in Mission Valley. I don't think I've ever actually eaten anything in Mission Valley as an adult, so I have no clue what's there.

Tim had gone to the Foxhole party the night before, said I'd really have enjoyed it. On the one hand, $20 + fuel to get from Chula Vista to El Cajon is kind of a lot for someone as poor as him. On the other, he doesn't have much opportunity for action these days, so whatever. He was on the phone with his family when I got a text from Warren saying that his family left early, and I could come up now if I wanted. That works. I found the place and found parking, but he still had to come get me, because he has a unit within the building he gave me.

It was awkward. He's just as cute, if not more attractive in person, but doesn't kiss, and he fucks literally like he's giving an eye exam. "Like that? Or harder? Like that or harder?" on repeat. He finally came, I shot for him. It went all over my face, up my nose, onto his pillows, etc. He took a pic of my face while he choked me.

I got to San Sai before anyone else. Their menu is still fairly lacking in vegan options - the only other time I'd ever been here was with Meeker. When everyone did finally arrive, I got the veggie roll. Sosa is neither excited nor dropping out over the new plan for SWoRN, so I'll take that. Brad is on board but had a hard time separating the scenes that SWoRN is going to be doing from the now-defunct Cosplay Cumpigs.

Tim and Sosa are both astounded I don't believe in empathy. Tim touched on my not hugging him the other night, and Sosa thinks it's a self-defense mechanism. And then she took a picture of me while I rubbed Pupple's chest and basked in his contentedness.

I'd messaged with Kidney about the possibility of going to The Hole, but he wanted to stay local, so I suggested PECS. He didn't get back to me, so I hit up Elliot. He thought it was a bit late for The Hole, even though it wasn't quite 5. We settled on PECS. BJ was there with his new boyfriend, drunkenly insisting my Steven Universe shirt was actually a Star Bellied Sneech from Dr. Seuss. Elliott didn't even stay for a single drink, which was odd. I'd already made several friends by that point, so I stayed with them for the rest of the night, including one ginger bear and one older gent who I counseled about getting older. I also wore someone's hat, but that was towards the end of the night.

I wandered home and decided to drink more and listen to music, which is obviously a great choice on a Sunday night when you haven't had a full night's sleep in weeks.


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