Jun. 11th, 2017

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Since I'd been trying unsuccessfully to connect with Bryan all weekend, I invited him over for breakfast, and Tim joined as well. I put on the Broadway: NOW video for them, which I hadn't even seen most of (all the parts without me I hadn't seen). Bryan decided to walk to the store for an additional bottle of booze, which gave me time to get cleaned up before the party. I got our Lyft there, which only seemed fair since Bryan provided the invite itself. At the last minute, I decided against my slutty suit, but couldn't find the replacement I was going for, so I ended up wearing it anyway.

It was a very calm, mixed party, for the most part. I talked some with Kyle, who I hadn't seen in person since we went to brunch/fucked. Also to Kevin, who I hadn't seen since Palm Springs. He'd gone to the party the night before, which was largely a bust. Also, he's single now. Chatted with Lee and Coleman, and with Ryan. Made friends with some new guys, Mark and Jake, and ended up having a mini 4 way with them, Ryan, and Aaron in the bathroom. They were kind enough to give us a ride home after, Dave and I stayed up way too late fucking, and I was randy/drunk enough to get into my toy chest, which I rarely do with a partner there.


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