Jun. 10th, 2017


Jun. 10th, 2017 07:25 am
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Made coffee for us in the morning, tried to find 1) friends to take Dave around while I was at rehearsal and 2) a towel for Dave. A few bowls and a lot of towels seem to be missing. Occam's Razor says my house guests are running a black market towel and bowl ring out of my apartment. Clearly.

Sean and Dragos were going to Out at the Fair, but leaving "in 10 minutes." 45 min later, Dave had decided to go to the Zoo and I was still talking to them. Poor Dragos burned his butt a few weeks back, and even though he mostly tops, he's not willing to go or do anything explicitly gay until it heals. Poor guy.

I dropped Dave off at the Zoo, then headed over to Point Loma for rehearsal. Even though I was 5 min late, they hadn't started yet. First up was Express This Way, which I'd declined the part of Lady Gaga for, as it would've required me to shave my beard. I almost asked to be in the Express Yourself half of the group, too, but amazingly, I'm actually happier with the choreo in Born This Way. Parts of it are goofy, of course, but it's actually fairly sassy.

On the break between them, I walked to a couple thrift stores, but couldn't find any towels at all, and no bowls I liked. There was some other stuff I could've bought, but I'm working on spending and getting less right now, not more.

Even with that, I got back early. Charles was teaching a Latin piece to Bryce and Chris, and decided to teach it to me as well. It was largely easy, though there were a couple of complicated timing bits. I was delighted at how quickly I'd been picking up choreo all day. We taped it twice - Charles actually forgot a small bit of it for the first one, but I reminded him and we taped it again.

Keith said he might need some help with one section of "Raise Your Glass," which I'm happy to help with if he doesn't mind a bunch of sassy ingenues on stage. It turns out that by "one section," though, he meant almost the whole song. I reminded myself that I was just tired from rehearsing for 3 hrs already, and it would do no one any good to pitch a fit here. I'm not even upset at it being a "collaborative" piece. I just find it incredibly upsetting to have that sprung on us.

Finally done, I headed home and waited for Dave, who I figured would surely be done any minute, maybe even needing a ride. I dozed briefly with Lady Miss Friday, and when I checked my phone again, he said he was going to be back around 7ish. Not a problem for me. We charged his phone, I made him dinner, had a pre-drink or two and tried to wrangle the boys. Bryan was trying for The Eagle again, but I didn't really want to drive or Lyft over there. Ryan Newell et al were finishing at Betty's, and now at Flick's, so that became the plan.

I bought our first round, Shazamed a song, finally found Ryan. He was surrounded by some not-very-friendly folks, but I still won them over. I ended up making out with a 21 y/o with kind eyes, but in my tipsy haze, decided I couldn't trust him. Also, that whole being with Dave thing.

Ryan et al were going to Rich's, so Dave got us an Uber Pool over to PECS. Except that our driver forgot to pick up the other passenger, and she threw an absolute fit. Threatening to get him fired, her dad is a big deal. Shit was straight out of a movie. We finally got to PECS, but my memory is a little fuzzy. I remember seeing Chad, Paul, Tim, etc., but not anything I said to any of them.

We walked home after a drink, and somehow I decided to relive that horrible video of the momma otter and the killer whales over and over and over. I think someone had talked about otters at the bar, and them being apex predators. Not for killer whales, they're not.


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