Jun. 5th, 2017

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Briefly disoriented when I woke up, then remembered it was Monday and I have to go to work. Hard to stay focused on the job when there's so much to now do for the nonprofit. Hard to focus on anything, really, because it was one of those days where I felt like I could sink into the floor...and then the ground....and then the core of the Earth.

I got a text from a client asking for an incall, also loves animals and doesn't mind my furry guests, so I messaged Bryan to let him know I needed the place tonight and asked if he could clean up the living room. It needs it anyway, really.

Also got a text from Tim. His roommate hasn't paid her rent, so could I possibly write him a check for $300. I guess I can, but it's so frustrating that he's just working towards his dream while the rest of us have to work full time to chase our dreams....and his, apparently. He wrote her a letter that was a lot sterner than anything I could have managed. I'm booked overnight Friday and Saturday of this week, so it'll help.

Towards the end of the day, the client messaged me that he was moving hotels and could host afterall. Eh, still good that Bryan tidied up his stuff. Got home, got cleaned up, headed over to the Town & Country. Client was a somewhat reticent man, at least initially. I rode him, he fucked me on my stomach, then we took a break. Talked about our various careers. He's a graduate of Julliard, a pianist, and teaches math. Hires boys on the regular, so yay me getting in with him. But he also lives in Portland, so that's unlikely to be a repeat any time soon. He fucked me again but still couldn't cum. I decided not to either. When I mentioned that I really want to be Type A, but I'm ultimately Type B, he disagreed. He thinks I'm Type A, I'm just also missing that key organizational component.

I'd stayed longer than my normal hour, but I'm not complaining. I got a text from a guy in La Jolla looking for a massage, and as tired as I was, I texted him back. But he wanted "details," which is really something he should be providing. What he really wanted to know was my rate, and since my rate is listed on my profile, he really wanted to know how low I'd go. He never responded, I was finally able to sleep.


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