Jun. 4th, 2017

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Woke up at 6 and noticed that the blankets around Jacob were wet. More than that, he wouldn't wake up. I get that we were up late (3:30?) but shouldn't you be able to be shaken awake even then? Unless he was on more than booze....I finally gave up, went back to sleep on my dry side of the bed.

Woke up again a couple hours later, plenty of time to get showered and head up to Poway for my photoshoot. The photographer is a handsome Middle Eastern or Latin gent, but he's only just now coming around to possibly identifying as bi, if not something even more vague. He was shocked and delighted, though, at how open I am. We took some great photos, I think, and this time I remembered to ask him for the basic ones that casting sites ask for. Not all of them want phone pics, and if I can avoid those, I will.

Chris and Fernando had asked to come over for another 3 way in the afternoon, and I had just enough time to wash the sheets before they got there. They didn't smell, so I'm guessing it was a spilled drink, but who knows. The 3 way was a good time - Chris took video and might have been a little high. I'm glad I didn't let them DP me, though.

Took off to The Hole after they left. McEwen had blacked out last night, came to buck naked in the street blowing the hung guy that had been after me when I left. Initially lost his wallet, too, but it turned out to be in his car. Nathan was doing a Leather event, Brian bought my first drink, and Papa Tony flogged me. It was just at the edge of my comfort level, but people taped it, so I'm pretty happy.

I chatted with Jason and Ed, very briefly saw Paul (who'd actually invited me - I'm not sure how much I like him being so hot and cold), and ended up giving a ride home to Dimitri and another Eric. Dimitri wanted to go to Mo's after, but I was waaaaay too tired for that, so I headed home and crashed instead.


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