Jun. 3rd, 2017

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Got up, got my coffee, only had a little tofu (this was a mistake, as it turns out), then headed out to rehearsal. Joe’s number was first, to “I’m Every Woman” and he’s choreographed it to be like Vogue. It’s interesting, but Joe kept getting confused on his own choreo, and seemed to focus more on the formations than the movement. I learn other people’s choreo much better than my own, too. Between him and Keith, I’m wondering if our rehearsal videos shouldn’t consist of at least *1* time of the choreographer going through the movement slowly. We also went kind of a long way over on time, those of us in “Dance With Somebody” were a little late. We didn’t miss much, and I’ve put my foot down as the dance captain in that one…because my other foot is up in passe for a clean single-tap-double pirouette that no one else can seem to do. He flag part is a little harder, but I’m getting it. Halfway through I heard a song I wanted to Shazam, but didn’t want to leave the floor to grab my phone. Jesus was sitting on the side, but couldn’t hear me. Thankfully, Charles’ phone rang and I was able to snag it. We ended rehearsal 30 min early because everyone was exhausted – we’d been dancing for 6 hours without a break at that point.

Stumbled home, ate the other half of my tofu brick and managed to doze for a bit. Jeff was sleeping on the couch when I got in, and I woke up when Bryan, Michael, and their friend Eddie(?) came in. It was the middle of the day, so it’s just something to be expected when you’re sharing a 1 BR apt. Got up for real about an hour later, corresponded with Jason from one of the sites I applied to. He wanted to meet me at PECS, since we both have very busy schedules otherwise. He apparently also knows Jason from Guybone, who spoke very highly of me. Go me! Jason runs a site devoted to “straight” guys, largely military, getting jerked or blown. But so far he’s been the only one jerking/blowing them, and he’s kind of tired of it, and not terribly comfortable with being the face of the organization. Works for me. We chatted a bit more, but I eventually had to go to Chris’s birthday/housewarming.

Stopping home, I saw that the DVD for Broadway: NOW! had arrived, but had no time to watch it. Chris now lives in that strange part of town just East of downtown, and just south of the 94. The buildings around his are *rough* but his condo is really nice. I’ve decided, at this point, that if I’m ever in a position to own property at all, I’ll save for a house. Fuck HOA fees. The party was somewhat awkward, though I had a great time talking to Jillian, who I think I met at Bug’s Brunch, and who it turns out was in The Sound of Boozin. I also saw Chris’s ex, Josh, with his boyfriend who is adorable.

I stayed just a little longer than intended, then got home to get ready for Bear Night. Getting ready, as it has for so long, took me waaaaaay longer than anticipated, but at least I had time between showering to watch the DVD.




and the photographer is amazing for using the Saturday night show instead of the Sunday one. I know because I really fucked up in Hairspray on Sunday, and I have no fuckups in this video. I’m especially good in Cell Block Tango, and the camera keeps coming back to me. I feel a little bad for some of the other dancers, actually, because they look terrified the entire time they’re dancing. I give good head face.

I finally got clean enough I felt like I could join everyone at Bear Night, walked inside and almost immediately ran into/made out with Geo. It’s really kind of awesome to see him, and to make out with him. He lives in North County now, but had ridden down with a Guy and a couple other North County guys. Went to buy a drink after, and found that my credit card was missing. Walked around searching for it before running into my fellow Eric. Thank gawd. Drink in hand, I met up with FHA and Tomy outside, and smacked the back of my head into a young drunk girl while doing my best Flashdance. Awkward, but then we did it together and everything was fine.

McEwen was there, but *wasted.* The lights came on all too fast, and some friend of Paul’s was trying to get me to suck his dick on the sidewalk in front of everyone. 1) I don’t want to have to register as a sex offender, and 2) I was just trying to make sure McEwen didn’t try to drive home at that point. For his part, McEwen largely ignored me, trying to go home with Paul or George at any given moment. When the security guard approached us all, I bailed.

Back at home, I thought about jerking off, but then got a call from Jacob, a military boy who just moved here and has been trying to hook up with me since he did. His dick is much bigger than I’d thought from pics, but he doesn’t know how to clean up to flip, or even get rimmed, apparently. He fucked me – unwilling or unable to be in any position but me riding him, and then he passed out.


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