May. 30th, 2017

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Pretty calm day at work - I remembered to do the eservice, since it's Tuesday, kept the claims from riding up, and worked out twice in my office. Tim is able to handle most of his bills, but does need his city taxes paid. Just another inch.

I hadn't heard back about the cat tree person who'd asked me to text them yesterday, so I responded to the email and got back a very cut "it's been sold." So frustrating. Set up an alert on CL, so I can be sure to get in first, not that it seems to matter.

Then I went to the gym and decided to work out more than usual. I want to see results....I'm just not sure what results I want. Alex Hawk is gorgeous. Brian Bonds is gorgeous. Teddy Bryce is gorgeous. They're all wildly different, and I'm not sure that even if I was them I'd have any less issues with myself.

Jeff was in my living room with his friend Nick, but high enough that he barely noticed me. Someone had cleaned the kitchen - maybe Jeff? I went straight to my room with dinner, but closed my door completely when he snapped at his friend. Not really here for that. I didn't hear them leave, but heard someone walking around later, and no one was there. Cleaned out Hover's cage and his main condo. He seemed happy.


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