May. 29th, 2017

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Ubered out to my car, then showered and got ready for the photoshoot. David wasn't really clear on what we were shooting, but I try to be ready on all counts. Good thing, too, because David is basically photographing porn. We did two solo shots - hard dicks jerking, then blew and fucked each other. I really should have shot for it, but I get so possessive of my shots. Also, they tend to go everywhere and I didn't want to hit the camera. When Bret came, he shot up my nose and into my eye.

I'd scheduled meeting with Tim for 1pm, so when he texted me at 11 to make sure we were still on, I said I was on my way home and any time was fine, got a thumbs up in response. Tim being Tim, he didn't show up until 2pm. I was pretty hungover and tired, but we took Pupple to the dog park. Pupple has tons of energy at home, but the last two times we've taken him to the park, he just wants to walk around and sniff. He doesn't play with the other dogs, won't chase me or Tim. It's fine, he's happy, I get to see the other dogs running around. A couple really friendly ones even spent some time getting butt rubs from me. As we were walking around, he asked if I could help him out with groceries. Sure.

I didn't have any plans for the day, so once he left I really just jerked off all day. My last shot of the day was actually my strongest, which seems weird to me. Not gonna fight it at any point, really.


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