May. 27th, 2017


May. 27th, 2017 09:14 am
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Woke up on the couch, which wasn't nearly as upsetting as waking up without Lady Miss Friday. I did finally go to the gym. Scott and Tim messaged me while I was there. Tim wanted to come by with Pupple, Scott wanted to maybe hang out, since John had decided to go to Palm Springs. But he couldn't come with me to the pool party unless I was just saying hello there, because their dog, Watson, can't be left alone for very long. No health issues, just...can't. But John can go to PS.

He messaged me back a bit later to let me know a friend was going to watch Watson, so he was able to come with after all. I picked him up, we went to the store, but still didn't have an actual address for the party. Stopped at home so I could scroll back to the last party I went to at their place - October. And I hopped in the shower while we were there. Just like old times!

Finally got to the party, and it was honestly a blast. I spent a lot of time with Scott, talked and laughed with all the other drunk folks there. They had a BBQ, and I'd totally forgot Scott went vegan or I'd have brought food for him. Thankfully, they had some vegan burgers in the freezer for him and the other veg there. I tried playing Smash Brothers, but for all that apparently the controls are the same for everyone, the moves are wildly different. Very unusual for me, but I even got in the pool. It was reasonably warm when I started, but rapidly got much colder. I held him briefly, we showered, made out there, and I sucked him briefly. Towards the end of the night, we took turns playing music via Alexa, and the boys ordered pizza. I contributed so they'd get a vegan one, but they misunderstood and got a cheese one. Scott was hungry and drunk by then, so I took him home to get Watson and then to Plumeria. He bought us dinner, we ate at his place, I fed most of mine to Watson.

It was a surprisingly awesome day and I'm glad I *finally* got to see Scott again.


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