May. 26th, 2017

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Apparently some wires got crossed in the morning, because even though I checked my inbox several minutes after the "mail is delivered!" notice went out, I didn't have anything in it. Spent the day doing legal research, finally, as well as a number of claims...right up until 3:30 when I happened to check my inbox again, and saw that I actually did have a full day's mail.

Texted around on scheduling for the night's shoot. Nick forgot he had a show to get to, so he couldn't be there until 11:30 or so. Given how often we've rescheduled already, I decided to suck it up and go for it. Hit the gym after work, cleaned up my place a bit, got cleaned up for the shoot.

Joe showed up first, by a large margin, and we got the place set up. Poor Lady Miss Friday was freaking out, but for some reason neither ran under the covers nor out into the living room. I took Joe into the living room instead, so she could have some alone time. Nick finally did show up and we got to shooting. I love fucking Nick, but he's not very good on camera. Rushing, stopping to look at the camera, rushing me, etc. I came for him, he couldn't but faked it. The whole vid is about 10 min, which isn't bad for his first time and no director to tell him otherwise. He wanted to drink after, so I poured everyone some, we watched music videos and such. I crashed on the couch, but Nick decided to fuck Joe. Okay.


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