May. 24th, 2017

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I had that weird kind of heavy-limb tired that I haven't had in a while. I don't miss it. I did manage to get a little workout done, and some overly-complicated claims as well. I thought about going to the gym after work, but there's no way that was happening. Dozed in and out next to Lady Miss Friday instead, then showered and got up to Kearny Mesa. 15 min early this time, not that the client minded my being a little late last time. We chatted a bit before - he's got a date with a younger gent this Saturday, though of course "date" is so subjective that nearly anything can happen. Session itself was fine; he's really into nip play, I came for him, thought I'd just dribbled but apparently I hit his face.

Joe had messaged me at the start, asking if I was coming to rehearsal. I knew I should have sent a second email telling him I had work. Not a huge deal, really. Stopped and got fuel on the way home, even though I was exhausted, and made myself tofu instead of pasta or something. Adulting and all that.


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