May. 23rd, 2017

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A near argument with Josh Tucker, because he was trying to make some quoatable wisdom and was offended when he was wrong. I let it go when it was clear he was looking for a fight, though, and getting more off topic and vitriolic as he went.

The next gent was a guy named Justin I'd talked to years ago via Scruff. He used to produce porn, no clue what he's doing now, but somewhere along the way his sanity took a hard left....or right, really, given that he's a hardcore Trump supporter. A quick scroll along his page shows a bunch of memes, most of which have no feedback whatsoever. He made a post about the Ariana Grande concert bombing and how we should be blocking Muslims from coming here. I pointed out that it was also Muslim doctors providing free medical care and he went on a *tirade*, cussing me out with all sorts of sound bytes worthy of InfoWars. And then he tried to claim victim status, because of course he did. By then end of the day, I was taking on 3 people, who together couldn't come up with a single coherent argument.

I started looking at tax guides for freelancers and part time models. I want to write one for sex workers. Unfortunately, taxes are generally Greek to me.

I hit the gym after work, but largely stuck to cardio. I didn't notice a whole lot of difference, if any, between working out at the gym and working out regularly in my office, and if I'm gonna be going back to the gym, I'd like there to be a difference. It was a good workout. People make fun of me because I lip sync while I work out, but IDGAF.


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