May. 21st, 2017

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Didn't get as much sleep as I'd hoped, but I suppose that's normal. Jay texted(!) me...but just to tell me to check my email. They wanted to move our shoot up to 1pm from 4pm, which again works a lot better for me. I packed up my stuff, cleaned up throughout the morning. Sean messaged me, asking how the house was and where I slept. It flared my paranoia that he was about to walk in to check on me, but he also seemed delighted that I'd slept in his bed. So, yay. Also got a text from FHA thanking me for our Vegas trip years and years ago, and wanting to go to The Hole. Wrote my thank you card, which I definitely should have done a rough draft of, then headed over to pick up Christian.

Unfortunately, while I got a text from Christian in the morning asking if I'd see him at 3:30, I hadn't received a response to any of my other texts to him. I called him once I got to the Motel parking lot, but it went straight to voicemail. Just as I was about to text Jay, I saw Steven walking to his car. I said hello, then walked back to the rooms with him. Christian had the room next to him and was still getting ready, but almost set. No clue why my texts didn't go through, but we got to the house in time. Jay was back to being grumpy and taciturn, and said my striped shirt was the jankiest shirt he'd ever seen. Christian was nice enough to iron it for me, since I couldn't figure out how to operate the thing. More mixedness on his part. We shot in the bedroom this time, which should have been ideal. I had a hard time staying hard both for the photos and for the shoot itself. Part of this was my body just not cooperating, and part of it was Christian being rough. While blowing me, he shoved my hand hard enough that I hit the camera and some pieces fell off. Getting fucked, I could barely stay on the bed, and he told me not to touch my dick at one point. Jay finally okayed us for cumshots, Christian sat on my face. I was waiting for him to cum, but Jay told me to go ahead and shoot "if I could." Christian sat back down, I hit *his* chest. Boom. He laid down to cum, took a while but finally squeezed a few drops out.

I didn't sweat anywhere near as much on this shoot, so I didn't bother to shower after. Dropped him off at a friend's place, got back on the road. There were some accidents, though thanks to Google Maps it was only a 2.5 hour drive, instead of a 4 hour one. I could have maybe gone to a bar, and should almost definitely have picked up some groceries, but damn I was tired. Laid down with Lady Miss Friday, made the bed while she was out of the room. I started to get a headache towards the end of the night, and I wondered if it wasn't the start of a migraine. Took a couple sips of the coffee I'd forgotten, a couple ibuprofen, felt better.

Elliott messaged me, largely asking about plans for Memorial Day. I asked Todd but they had a falling out that Elliott doesn't seem to be aware of. I watched the last episode of RPDR, then started watching the new season of Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt. Unfortunately, I was pretty out of it by then, but I really enjoyed Titus's rendition of Beyonce's "All Night." This led me to finally listen to that song, and the video features various same-sex couples, which then led me to watch "Two Men In Love" by The Irrepressibles. That's plenty for me and I finally called it a night.


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