May. 20th, 2017

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I'd meant to get on the road as soon as I woke up, but since my shoot wasn't until 4, opted instead to make coffee, double check my packing list, etc. Got on the road a little after 10 instead, no real traffic and my music kept me pretty occupied. Even with staying longer, I forgot a few things - my coffee for tomorrow, most notably, but nothing major. Felt like a genius getting into Sean's house, as he sent me a code but no clue where it was to.

There were towels and a couple swim suits draped over chairs, presumably from the last party he threw. I couldn't attend that as I was in Vegas at the time. I kept feeling like Sean was going to walk in any minute, though my brain kept changing whether that was to surprise me or check up on me. Laid down for a bit on his bed, snapped a couple pics using the mirrors. I really need to reorganize my room to accommodate mirrors...then get mirrors.

I got to the house we were shooting at a little early, but still didn't have Jay's number. His business partner found me still trying to send an email. I'm glad I didn't knock or just walk in, as Christian and Steven were still shooting. Jay had a quiet anger about him. Just waiting on cum shots. I felt terrible for Steven, because he wasn't able to cum in the end. Christian said it was good to see me, but also made a comment about my dick size. I'm not sure how to feel about him, and I think he's not sure how he feels about me. Brian showed up but didn't seem to remember me. And after I wore my "Honey Badger Cares!" just for him. I took photos outside, we got to shooting. Both Brian and I thought we were topping, so we flipped. I think I actually topped more than he did. Almost fisted him, too, but he wasn't ready for that. Jay didn't seem to mind that I lost my hardon a couple times depending on the position I was topping in, which was a relief. We had to stop a couple times because we were overheating and almost drowned in our own sweat. It was really hot. When we were ready for cumshots, Brian had said he'd cum in me, then I could return the favor, but he kept fucking, the boys kept filming, and I decided to go ahead and shoot anyway. Hit the arm of the couch next to my head. Jay wasn't happy with Brian's shot, but said mine made up for it...and several other shots, too. His partner agreed that I had a great shot, and loved that I was so eager to help with things.

Phillip noticed the bed I'd tweeted from, and invited me out to the bars with him and his friends around 9:30. Christian invited me to the movies, but I declined on account of being exhausted. The heat and the shoot took a surprising amount out of me, I ate *way* too much back at Sean's place, and didn't even have anything to really eat. I was literally eating bread burritos with salsa by the end of the night.

Warren sent a snap of his face captioned that he'd just pounded a load into a guy. His face looked more disappointed than anything else, and I said as much. He felt fat because he'd just eaten a pizza...also, halfway through fucking, the guy mentioned he was cheating on his boyfriend. That's gross, and I said as much. Warren doesn't actually have a problem with it. In fact, he finds it hot that someone wants his load bad enough to cheat. This is also gross, though I didn't say it.

It was so hot in the house I had a hard time sleeping, and I already knew being alone in a big dark house was going to be trouble. I avoided booze, but found a fan and managed to get to sleep a little after midnight.


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