May. 13th, 2017

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My stomach felt much better when I woke up, and I got a Woof from a hippie ginger twink visiting from the bay area, by the name of Hamilton. I cleaned up my room a bit, but there's nothing I can do about the living room. I warned him about my place, but he still made a comment when he got there. We flipped pretty evenly, even though he was tight as *fuck* and it was early enough that I had a hard time staying hard while I got in him. Faked cumming inside him, he jerked off, got up to leave but we made out again and ended up fucking again. I actually did much better the "second" time, which makes no sense to me.

Brion was having a Eurovision viewing party and there was a birthday pool party at the Lafayette. Tim had asked to come by while I was tricking, I told him I was stepping out for a bit, but would let him know when I was back. Unfortunately, I didn't make it out to either event. I got a little into my head, imagining that the Eurovision party would be militant about watching vs talking, and that the pool party would be full of obnoxiously loud drunks. I told Tim I was "back" at 4:30, he said he was finishing up his plans at 6, then jumping in the shower at 7:30, then finally called to say he was on his way at 8:10. I'd invited Anthony to go to The Eagle, so I checked how long Tim was planning on staying. He sounded pretty sad when he said he could just come by tomorrow, and I felt like an ass..but at the same time, it was almost 4 hours later at that point. So.

FHA came over, I made him a drink and we caught up a little. He loves my "Some Pig" shirt. I browse his journal when I'm able, but with him still on LJ, it's not as convenient. My stomach was still being wonky, and FHA offered to just stay in, but I'd already told Ryan from LA that I was going to meet him tonight, as well as TC from Denver. I'm supposed to be taking it easy bottoming right now, so it's not entirely a bad thing my stomach wasn't cooperating.

We got there before the LA boys, I bought us both a drink and we briefly chatted with TC. Things didn't actually get much less awkward once the LA boys got there, though it turns out I knew more of them than just Ryan, even though I didn't remember all of them (sorry Joelle and Matt). We stayed a lot longer than I anticipated, might have engaged in shenanigans with Ryan if they didn't have to get back up to LA. He can come down for a weekend sometime. We'd have left a lot sooner, actually, but as soon as I went to put my shirt on, the LA Eagle coordinator demanded I keep it off, and had enough wit and energy that I was able to stay up and be involved for a while longer. When TC (?) pointed out that I seemed tired, I agreed and we went home.


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