May. 12th, 2017

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JJD knocked on my door in the morning, but backed off very quickly. I emailed an apology to him, because this can't have been anything less than traumatic for him. I kept my door closed the whole day and no one bothered me. Xyra even brought me a vegan cookie. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the current situation, but it was a sweet gesture. Sweeter still because I didn't feel comfortable enough to even get out of my office to make something to eat, so I didn't. This eventually got awkward, with me feeling lightheaded and getting cold sweats by the end of the day. Stumbled home and crashed onto the bed with Lady Miss Friday.

Keith invited me to check out the Merrow, and I hit up Nick, since I haven’t seen him in a while. I had a little trouble getting cleaned up at home, so he ended up getting there before me. They’re charging a cover, which is absurd on a lot of levels, but I did tell Keith I’d be there, and Nick was already inside. He offered to buy me a drink…or maybe was just offering me some of his drink? Not sure, but I’m a big boy and can buy my own. It wasn’t as sparsely populated as I thought it was going to be, though that’s not saying much for The Merrow. Matty Frey and Zack walked by us, and Matty came back to chat. I couldn’t hear half of what he was saying, but I definitely caught that he wants to sleep with me. This is kind of mind blowing, because Matty is Pretty.

I saw Dimitri and he made his way over to us. Chatted with him and Nick, but my stomach started being totally wonky. I couldn’t even get half way through my drink. Walked out with Nick, only to throw up in the bushes. Fuck. Still not as bad of a night as the guy I walked past on my way home getting a field sobriety test, though.


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