May. 9th, 2017

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By happenstance, I saw a friend's post about being solicited by a 19yo for $30. That is, 19 wanted to get paid $30 to have sex. It's disturbing on a number of levels, to be honest, and I offered to try to contact the kid. I stayed a little after work editing his resume, and Christina is going to contact him tomorrow with some career counseling. I feel good about what I've got going. I just need to help more people, and I need to get paid for it so it's not one of the many things I do outside of my full time job.

Dimitri was supposed to send me some letters to sign, but even with a reminder didn't get around to it. I stopped at the store on the way home, as I was out of food at home, and happened to learn that Scott Gardinier is now vegan, and has been for a couple weeks.

Tim called me - his business loan is due tomorrow, he needs $80 and they don't take cc payments. I hate being blindsided like this. I only have $40 cash on me right now, because I put the rest of it as a payment for his other loans. But every time I'm short on cash, little flashes start storming around my head letting me know I'm not working enough, that clients aren't coming. Or cumming. Some things have been cleared up - experian had continued charging him after he canceled service, and when a single one wouldn't go through they tried 22 times more. He'd been able to get the overdraft charges reversed and was in the black. At least I wouldn't have to also put up $10 so he could cash the check. I hid it outside, as Tami was going to pick it up but wouldn't be by until long after I'd gone to bed. Finally did just that.


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