May. 3rd, 2017

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Bela met up with me on my lunch break - he's downright excited about us filming porn in his studio. Dave, somewhat predictably, shot it down. Refused to even talk to Bela and scolded me for not following people on twitter so they'd follow me back. It's not something I'm comfortable doing, and led to a huge fight.

McEwen messaged me a little after work when I was trying to get some non-system work done. He's moving, but his roommate had just left Temecula. I drove him to the Uhaul store...then to the other Uhaul and helped him load it. He was nice enough to release me after that.

I was pretty exhausted from the fight, the constant deluge of appointments with JJD being gone, and then helping McEwen move. Kenneth messaged me, asking if I wanted to meet for a drink. I didn't, but I'd also agreed to meet with Tim to talk finances i.e. have him ask for more money. Kenneth interpreted that as me canceling, and I corrected him that he was still welcome to spend the night, which was what we agreed on. He didn't respond. Tim needs his slip fees paid, and I'm going a little bit insane over him needing so much.


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