May. 2nd, 2017

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A fan messaged me on Twitter, and I ended up counseling him. He's from Africa originally, living with his sister in Canada, and still entirely closeted because his family would disown him. Naturally, my advice is to get out from any power they might have over him - economic or otherwise, then come out. Ball in their court.

Norman asked for a possible last minute session, so I was on call in the evening. Another busy day at work, another day of working out and working it. Norman came through, scheduled for 7:30 and arriving a little before 8. That's usually late for for him, both in terms of the time and not being on time. He wore clothespins on his nips, I jerked off in his mouth, then jerked him off. I can't fully comprehend why other boys have such a problem with him.

Tim asked to call after. Something minor he wanted to discuss, but then he started talking about more general things. His neighbor is selling his boat, which is unremarkable except that he's advertising it as DB Cooper's boat. DB Cooper pulled some amazing heist back in the day and was never caught. The FBI *just* closed the investigation, so either he's capitalizing on the fact he was a suspect, or he's thumbing his nose at them now. Fascinating either way.


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