Apr. 29th, 2017


Apr. 29th, 2017 05:12 pm
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Woke up bright and early, made my coffee, got on the road. The photographers texted when I hit Escondido, to reinforce that they wanted to start on time. I ended up getting there 15 min early, met everyone. My co-model was a straight blond kid with sores on his back. I kept everyone laughing between shoots, wasn't shy about giving anything they needed. They want to give us a copy of the book with it's done, and upped my pay to $150 as a thank you.

I thought about hoeing around at one of the resorts, or else messaging some friends, but the lack of home base gave anxiety the upper hand, and I drove home instead. The time flew, surprisingly, and Bryan Riley messaged me as I was getting to Temecula, wanting to meet for lunch at Gossip. He'd been camping in Palomar, but the weather was miserable and he cut the trip short. I stopped home to eat and say hi to Lady Miss Friday, noting that Jeff was gone again, then moseyed over to Gossip. Jose Mendoza was there with the modern choreographer, John, both said I was "glowing." Bryan was going to join me at the birthday party, but needed to nap first. We agreed to meet up around 6:30, but Matt Bradford caught me at the exit and we made out for a bit. Bryan went home to nap, I stayed with Matt and his friends. His straight co-worker Logan​ and I really hit it off. I thought Matt might come home with me, but they were on the party train and I had an actual party to get to.

I texted Bryan but he tapped out for the evening. Napping hazard. Tim texted me, asking if he could come to the party and bring Pupple. I cleared it with Brion and Marcus, then showered and headed over.

Tim ran a little late, which was good because 1) it gave me a chance to socialize and 2) Andrew showed up with Will, and Will is suffering from some kind of memory loss, as he thought he could talk to me. Cuckolding hazard. Both of them bitched about the booze options, but hadn't brought anything themselves, and I pointed that out for them. They left quickly.

Once Tim and Pupple arrived, we chatted in the kitchen, taking turns holding Pupple. He gets over stimulated at parties, so we didn't end up staying more than an hour or so after he arrived. It was a long, surprisingly full day, and I'm fine with my decisions.


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