Apr. 26th, 2017

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Lynelle was already in the office when I got there, and they'd left cards for all the paralegals/claims processors with gift cards inside. Today was Admin Professional Day, and ADI also bought lunch from the falafel place down the road. I'm not wild about the food there to begin with, and not wild about group eating, but something was even more off about it today. There was a single vegan dish - roast veggies, and the coincidentally vegan stuff - a plate of french fries - was some sort of reheated brick of them. I didn't stay for the whole hour, since it's easier to bill my lunch break with just 30 min instead of the nonbill time. Also, I had my weekly phone conference with Dave.

He was hurting and in a terrible mood, so we really should have just postponed the conference. I managed to get two more scripts written and start on a third. It's getting to be a skill, I think. He's waaaaaay more optimistic about the company than I am, and accordingly way more high strung about figuring out our formula for success. He's not really sure why our last scene is doing so much better than our others. I'm not either, entirely, but I'm imagining that not shooting in a bedroom has something to do with it. I haven't had the heart to tell Dave that his camerawork that I've seen - my solo - is terrible, but I think it has more to do with not having a camera that can pull out far enough. So to speak.

When I finally got home, I was shocked to see Bryan gone but Jeff sleeping on my couch. Sort of sleeping.....he was sitting upright, legs bouncing, fists and face clenched, drifting in and out of consciousness. It's not a symptom I've ever seen before, and it was mildly terrifying. I sat with him, but he couldn't even make out complete sentences. He did smile at me and mumble some things about being okay, so not completely unresponsive. Still, I messaged a friend I knew he'd been hanging with. The friend thought it was meningitis, but it didn't match any of those symptoms. Between the time I put a blanket over him and called the doctor and them calling back, though, he'd started snoring, so I figured it must have just been his body and the meth fighting for control.

My client was in Kearny Mesa. Apparently a repeat from last year, one of several clients to be happy to see me online again. I had a hard time getting cleaned up, though that was really just because I tried too hard. It didn't matter anyway, because the client was looking for more counseling than sex.


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