Apr. 24th, 2017

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Absolutely dragging after staying up so late and such a long performing weekend. One of the staff attorneys brought in Middle Eastern food, including dolmas, and I ate too many of them. Jo, the owner of Badseed Media, hit me up again, as he'd found a pic of mine while browsing Tumblr. I literally can't do anything but say yes, and that's what I keep saying. I have no idea what the holdup on his side of things is, and thinking about it too much depresses me.

A daddy hit me up on Scruff. He'd been at the show and thought I was gorgeous. Naturally. He initially wanted me to come over to his place around 9, as he was going to take a spin class, but then decided to skip the spin class. Getting cleaned up took forever, though thankfully Bryan was passed out in the living room still from his drug use the day before.

When I finally got down to him, the Daddy and I had a pretty stellar time. He fucked me in his sling, then several positions on the bed. He likes that I'm relatively thin compared to him, and of course, I do too. Our orgasms weren't synched, unfortunately, with him holding out too long and unable to cum, and me cumming for him thinking he was about to. It had been a couple hours at this point, so I'm not terribly concerned.

It's probably good I came and left when I did, really, as I passed out in my clothes when I got home.


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