Apr. 23rd, 2017


Apr. 23rd, 2017 01:48 pm
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Woke up super early again. I really need to remember to take my melatonin. It was only 4 am, but Robby, a gent I've tricked with a couple times, and a modern dancer, hit me up. Sort of. He'd been home drinking wine, and kind of sort of wanted to get together. Literally every sentence out of him was along the lines of "I should let you get to bed...unless we should get naked??" Agreeing with either half of that did no good whatsoever. Asking for his address did no good whatsoever. I finally jerked off and got another hour of sleep in. He continued to message me (OR DID HE???) long after I'd finally passed out.

When I woke up for real, I drank nearly an entire pot of coffee, and I also ate too much. Dave texted me around 12:30 to tell me he wasn't feeling social, so wouldn't be coming to the show. Texted around trying to find someone else to take the ticket, but most people were busy. Dana was going to come, but he'd need a ride. Tim was running a little behind waiting for Tami, and by the time he was ready, Dana had taken off his shoes. Which is less a valid reason than it is a statement of being. I worked out in my room, then headed down and found decently close parking.

While we were getting dressed, one of the cast members asked about my scars. I'm not shy about them, of course. The show wasn't bad, except I completely fucked up the first two 8 counts of YCSTB. Brain just totally blanked. I felt comfortable with my pirouette in Cell Block, but the boys ahead of me ran a few counts behind, and I didn't want to risk hitting Fernando, so I still cut it to a coupe turn. And where I looked halfway decent the night before, somewhere in all those sammiches I seemed to have put on about 10 lbs. I really hope they're using Saturday night for the video. Tellingly, no strangers came up to me after the show.

I agreed to meet Tony, Tami, et al at my place. Made us each a drink when we got there. Bryan had worked for some famous wealthy family during the day (who Tony apparently knows), so yay cash. We went to dinner at Plumeria, though I wasn't terribly hungry. Tony not only paid for dinner, he also paid for his ticket to the show.

He still had to drop Tim and Tami off at home, and then get himself back to LA. I thought about trying to attend the tail end of the cast party, but given that it was at True North in North Park instead of a gayborhood bar, I opted not to. Bryan wasn't there when I got home, but he came back just as I was getting ready to go to bed, and I heard him sobbing in the living room. Knowing I'd regret it, I asked what was wrong. He said he'd been dosed by the family he'd worked for, passed out in their truck, and woke up with a needle in his arm. He also had a water bottle full of G that he was still drinking. I listened as long as I could but I finally tapped out and passed out.


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