Apr. 21st, 2017

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The response to the breakfast was somewhat underwhelming, but people sure did chow down anyway. Fortunately, Karlen sent me a video of a guy waking up to "Yes" by Merry Clayton, so that gave me a lot of energy for the day. Worked out a couple times, too. Our call time for the mark through was 7, and given the issues with traffic and parking downtown, I opted to just stay at work instead of driving home and back. I worked just a little later, but then mostly updated my journal and rehearsed the numbers. Unfortunately, I also had a bagel and an English muffin.

As I finally left the office and walked to my car, Bryan sent me a text that he found a used needle in my bathroom, and all of Jeff's stuff is gone. This is more than a little bit of a bummer, though probably in my best interests. Bryan's too, I suppose.

The markthrough was more like a rehearsal than the previous show I did with SDGMC. It was only slightly more awkward due to the Padres game where some of the Chorus sang and some of the Chorus drank. Bryce in particular was quite possibly drunk. He's ordinarily hyperactive, but was literally climbing over chairs and people singing to some hair band called Mother Love Bone. Overall, it was really useful time, though, as you might expect from any first time in an actual performance space.

I briefly considered going out to DILF when I got home, but having been in the office for almost 12 hrs, then something resembling tech rehearsal, I opted out of it.


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