Apr. 20th, 2017

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Another productive day, and I even managed to work out in my office and smack down a bunch of political children who still hate Sanders. In particular, that absurd claim that 3rd party voters cost Clinton the election.

Hit the store after, since it's my week to bring breakfast. I'm old hat at this now, so I pretty much know what to get and where. 39.33, so go me. Had just a few minutes before rehearsal, but oddly didn't find myself hungry. Worked out at home, then over to rehearsal. It was much slower going, but much better than yesterday. Even Newsies was halfway decent. Chorus members keep coming up to me to tell me how good I am, both in terms of my stage presence and my technical skill, which is an awesome feeling. Mostly awesome. It becomes an awkward feeling when they walk past other dancers to do it. A little tact, people.

For whatever reason, they ran ballads in the middle, so I had a bunch of time to just sort of lay there trying to do more crunches. Meh.


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