Apr. 19th, 2017

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Wednesday is apparently my "productive" day in the week, at least as far as these last two weeks have been concerned. This is good, as I have a tendency to forget about everything but the stuff immediately in front of me. I also worked out twice in my office. RAWR.

I had a little time at home before rehearsal, so I read up on Bland Canyon. God I love her. And I really want to write more like her, but journaling often feels way too much like I'm struggling just to keep up describing everything that's happened, with only rare opportunities for commentary. I barely get around to mentioning my thoughts on things, much less putting any kind of sassy spin.

We had to be at the church at 6:45 to review Newsies, which is good because that's the one that needs the most work. That didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped, TBH. We can't really hear the music from his phone, and the movement is still all over the place. Rehearsal for the rest of the show was possibly even more awkward. The band tempo was all over the place. Not a huge issue for Hairspray, Cell Block, and Hamilton, because we know those so well. But even having just gone over Newsies, the band sped way up and we missed a whole section. On the plus side, I was practicing pirouettes in the sanctuary, which has a wood floor, and finally figured out why I keep falling out of my doubles. I've been putting *way* too much force behind them. It's been at least enough for a triple. Sure enough, I did one with less force and had a perfect, stop on releve double. Then used the amount of force I had been for a perfect, stop on releve triple. I feel great. Okay, mostly great, since teachers have literally been telling me this for years and it never sunk in.

Tim was home when I got back, as was Bryan, though Jeff was now missing. Poor Pupple was so tired he barely managed to get up from his bed to say hi to me. Then Lady Miss Friday came out to tell me it was bedtime, and Pupple found more than enough energy to chase her. Dog priorities. I finally did send Tim and Pupple home and crashed with her.


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