Apr. 18th, 2017

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I was completely dead at work, which I suppose makes sense given how little sleep I got. Almost entirely useless, really, though I did manage to put out a few fires, and keep a few others from starting. Even got a workout in, because it's so important right now. Tim came by my place in the morning, commenting that it smells like meth and is a disaster. I'm meaning to talk to both of my guests about it, since they're both at fault. He also doesn't see much chance for either of them getting on their feet - the best I can really hope for is to get them into another social service place. That's sort of upsetting, really.

I tried to keep my energy up so I could rehearse dances, but all I managed to do was eat tortillas, and I'm out of anything to even put on them. Finally gave up and dragged myself into bed with Lady Miss Friday. She's happy to have the bed, and me, back to herself. Bryan was missing all afternoon, but Jeff slept on the couch the whole night, occasionally getting up to drink water and mumble.

Tim asked if he could use my credit card for some sort of plumbing issue that came up on the boat, so I trucked over to the store before he did. They were out of "meatballs" so I got tofu instead, which even if I eat 2 blocks a day at work is still cheaper than a single bag of "meatballs." It's just also harder to transport. Tim had said he was going to come by around 8. I got home at 8:15 and washed the dishes, Tim finally got there at 8:50 and chatted for a while, also volunteering to buzz my back. It being show week, I let him.

Where ever he meant to go closed at 9, so I said he could borrow my card and return it to my work the next day, and he asked if he could also buy some dinner for himself. Sure. I was unfortunately too tired to even jerk off, but at least I got to sleep at a decent hour.


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