Apr. 17th, 2017

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Woke up to a text message from Julian, saying he thinks about me every day. I still don't know what to say to him, so I still say nothing. Eric was still sleeping when I left, Lady Miss Friday had retired to a cubby. Iced my leg all day at work - the first 72 hours after an injury is the most important in terms of healing time, and I really couldn't do much the first 48. But I could've done something.

Tim messaged me during the day to ask for advice for Kirby and let me know he had him there. Kirby apparently left work to go to the emergency room and was fired for it. That's a big nono. Actually, his work had a lot of nonos, and I'm kind of glad they've got this MASSIVE cherry to topple the sundae. I told him what his next steps should be, but I'm not getting invested in any of that. Kirby has decided to move out of his current place because his roommate does meth and fucked all day. In fairness, he didn't have a problem with me fucking all day, so the dealbreaker is clearly chems, and he was actually paying for this space. That being said, it's not like he had to share a room with guy.

Briefly thought about going to the store on my way home, because I'm almost out of "meatballs" but I didn't have any bags, so I told myself I'd go before rehearsal. Eric was gone when I got home, but Bryan and Jeff were both home, Jeff looking ever more homeless. He mumbled something about trying to get into Stepping Stone in the morning, and that he would try again tomorrow. I think you have to be sober for a certain period of time before they'll even let you on the wait list, but I'm not 100 % sure. He took out the recycling with me then walked...somewhere, still mumbling.

Bryan needs me to help him with his resume, but my new printer isn't connecting properly to my computer. I'm destined to be home printerless. I'll bring it in to work and scan it.

This was our first performance in front of the chorus, and I was awesome. This was also our first night with costumes for Cell Block. I thought the shrug they mentioned was going to be full sleeves, but it's literally just the shoulders. So then bicep curls in addition to crunches between now and Saturday. A couple people made a couple flubs, but I wasn't one of them, and several chorus members came up to me after to tell me I'm awesome. And a couple came up to me to tell me they want to sleep with me. Which is also fine.

Since I didn't manage the store before rehearsal, and rehearsal gets out at 10, of course I didn't make it. Jeff and Bryan were both home when I finally got there, watching Dana Carvey's new standup, though it was mercifully almost over. Jeff crashed, I retired to my room, and finally crashed myself a little after 11, only to be woken up at midnight by the TV suddenly turning on full volume again. I walked out and asked Bryan to turn it down and he looked at me for a second before he complied....turning it down all of 3 clicks. I kind of hate that I even had to wrestle with myself, but I texted him to tell him to turn it down to the point I couldn't hear it through my wall. He definitely wasn't doing it to piss me off. He was either completely oblivious that midnight is an inappropriate time to have the TV on full blast, or was actively trying to fuck with Jeff.


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