Apr. 16th, 2017

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Woke up at 5, which was less than ideal. Tried to make use of the time, at least, by edging and getting clean. Should have made coffee, but by the time I gave up on sleep, I didn't want to risk that upsetting my stomach. Christian showed up on time, tried on the suit - it actually fits him better than it does me, since he's a bigger boy. We packed up the car and headed out.

I'd have liked for us to shoot the intro again, but I'm just as bad as a newbie when it comes to asking for another take, or stopping the action, etc. The shoot itself went great. I topped him in a couple positions, he fucked me in several positions. The flies were all over us, and we should probably have some way of holding down the sheets on subsequent shoots, but the sex was pretty hot. He took a bit to cum, and had possibly the loudest orgasm in porn history. My shot was fairly disappointing, for me. It landed square on his chest symbol, though, so that's kind of perfect.

He declined to stay for the orgy, but maybe wanted to go out later. The orgy participants, predictably, started asking for menu specifics. How many guys, how many tops/bottoms, needing pics, etc. I'm not really here for that, and I told them as much. Bryan was home playing Dragon Age, and while I'll kick someone out if I have work, tricks can grow the fuck up if they have a problem. I'd have invited him to join in, but he apparently has a fissure in his ass and gonorrhea and/or chlamydia in his dick. So that's not gonna work. Most people no-showed, but that's why you accept so many RSVP's - because 90% of them aren't going to cum. We ended up with a 4 way, and it worked better than previous 4 ways I've had. It helps that me and the guest of honor were both vers. We fucked each other, the two tops took turns fucking us, everyone came in me.

Tim showed up just as we were finishing up, Bryan still playing Dragon Age. One of the tops, another Eric, decided to go to The Hole with me, but Tim needed to take my car and get fuel first. On the drive out there, Eric ran his fingers through my hair. The Hole was surprisingly not crowded. I bought us drinks but opted to keep it to just one. Briefly chatted with Jason and Paul - Paul was dressed as an Easter Bunny and handing out little chocolate eggs. Perfect, really. We ran into Jake, and ended up talking to him for most of the rest of the time there. He wants Eric to come down again for various house music festivals. I want them both to fuck me and to get it on video.

It also got very cold very fast as the afternoon stretched on, so I offered to make dinner for Eric. TJ's had closed at 5, which ruined my plans for dumplings, but I got sweet and sour "pork" at Ralph's instead. Tim was predictably still at my place. He'd gotten sucked into watching Iron Fist with Bryan. Bryan would later tell me that he stopped playing Dragon Age because Tim kept making obnoxious remarks.

Dinner came out fine, Eric curled up on the couch with me, talking to other boys online about me. I told him I was fine with having whoever he wanted over, or just keeping it us. I'm easy. He ended up having a bottom over. The bottom was a tall man with a *massively* thick dick. Also more than a little weird, and more than a little pushy when it came to getting loads. I pretended to cum in him while I was Lucky Pierre, then actually came while Eric was fucking me. My dick and ass were both chafed and sore as fuck from fucking all day, so it was more to suggest an end than it was out of a pressing need. Eric jerked off again, the bottom left, and we fell asleep. I thought about sending him home so Lady Miss Friday could have her bed back, but it got later and later, and I finally just turned out the lights.


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