Apr. 15th, 2017

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The fundraiser for the porn company launched. Dave anonymously committed $5 just so it wasn't empty. I did my taxes for the nonprofit in the morning, argued with more wrong people online, but finally dragged myself out to rehearsal. I thought I was going to be a few minutes late, but it turns out I was very early instead.

It was a little awkward rehearsing Cell Block without Charles there, not the least of reasons being that the other dancers kept trying to change the choreo. Charles is very laid back for a choreographer, so I don't imagine he's going to care, but it was strange. Also, in trying to do the jazz split at the end, I pulled my hamstring *again* and collapsed on the ground. I was limping for the rest of the day when I wasn't dancing.

We rehearsed more during the lunch break, but I had an extra hour and a half. I meant to go to Wal-Mart and buy flea collars, but realized on the way there that I didn't have my wallet with me. Lord. Instead, I ate too much at home, watched drag race, and iced my leg. Got back just in time for the other rehearsals. They went ok. Hamilton in particular is getting much better for the others. The highlight of rehearsal, of course, was someone's Chihuahua sitting next to them while they worked out. Another highlight was talking to John about his WWRY shirt. Apparently his best girlfriend played Killer Queen in the US touring company. And apparently I've heard her sing, since she was also in the first tour of Hairspray. Jacqueline B. Arnold. Now I'm desperately trying to find a copy of her singing A Kind Of Magic.

Bryan was home when I got there, but he hadn't been invited to the party, so I didn't say anything. Got changed, grabbed my bunny ears, headed off to the pool party. Most people were drunk and/or naked when I got there, and *everyone* loved my ears. A few people tried to steal them. A guy named Candy took a particular shine to me. He spent a lot of time making out with me, which was only awkward because I wasn't really there for that. Not with one person, anyway.

Paul asked me to put on my music, but Candy was really into the music he was playing, and I'm never looking to force someone out. When he did finally finish playing his and I was able to plug mine in, Ryan came up to me for the rest of the night at nearly every song playing to gush about how much he loved it. The young drunk twinks were very very drunk, and a couple fights almost broke out.

The party ran out of booze, as parties with a bunch of twinks who don't bring anything often do. Ryan and Aaron had asked for a ride home earlier in the day, but disappeared by the time I went home. Not sure if they went home with McEwen instead or what.


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