Apr. 12th, 2017

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FINALLY able to focus at work, and not a moment too soon. Several urgent cases need matching, bunches of claims came in. In other awesome news, I got an email from Hairy Adult Modeling. I'd applied with them a while back but hadn't heard, and recently found a Chicago casting call from them in my Spam folder. This one is for possible shoots in PS, which is much better. I might double my total number of scenes this year....which says more about how little I've done than how much I'm gonna do this year. I'm excited at any rate.

I also mustered the courage to send out an email about my upcoming show. Not company-wide, but I'm still quite proud of myself for even sending it. Such an odd dichotomy to be as self-spotlighted as I am, but so nervous about "bothering" people.

Still no Bryan when I got back. I meant to lay down with Lady Miss Friday, but tried to get some updating done on my journal instead. That was only marginally successful, and then it was time to go. I got to the place just a little early - we got moved to a smaller, if deeper room for the first half of rehearsal. Also our first night with the "cell doors." It didn't go well. At least in this room, the cell doors squish us in to where we block each other from view and there's no room anywhere except in front of them to dance. We got through Cell Block, they also rehearsed Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, which I'm glad I'm not in. Then on to Newsies. Ben is upset that I'm in front of him on our pique turns across the stage, and tried to pique past me. This, of course, just ended with our hands smacking into each other. Later during A Musical, I tried to battement and ended up pulling my hamstring. Fuck.

Lights were on when I got back. Bryan didn't say where he's been, and I didn't ask. I did ask how the job search is going, and I'll touch base on that at least weekly from now on. I set up a new condo for Hover. I was just going to replace his current one, but decided to add to it instead. I think he's happy. I'm bleeding, which means I waited too long to get fucked/fuck myself. Iced my index finger and my hamstring, took some ibuprofen, crashed.


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