Apr. 9th, 2017

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Tim asked to come over for tofu scramble, mentioned he might bring Tammy as well. Bryan was up when I got up and also needed to go to the store. Apparently, he's been up for several days. Not high, mind you, just...up. For days. Naturally. I kept forgetting things I needed at the store, but also texted around inviting a few people. I invited my flight attendant, but he had some sort of bug. Apparently a good thing I didn't go over last night.

I started the tofu scramble, Tim came over with Pupple, Bryan finally crashed. Tim is concerned about the state of my living room, and I am too. Bryan has a lot of stuff, and living out of your suitcase isn't easy with one suitcase, much less one suitcase and several trash bags of stuff. Tami wasn't with him. Late night or something. He's going to find out if the various places he needs the extra 1k for will take credit card, since it's a bit much to ask for a grand literally right after borrowing 4. We briefly touched on other people, including Julian. I think the relationship would have been easier if we were the only two people on Earth. Tim thinks he he would have destroyed us anyway. I agree, I just think it would have taken longer.

My client from the other week texted, letting me know he mailed my umbrella to me. I reminded him I'd have been fine with him keeping it until next time, checked on him coming to the show. He said he wasn't sure, as he'd sent a few texts without a response. I've been excellent about communications, so I screencapped my texts with him. Apparently he forgot to press "send." I'm glad we cleared that up, as I'd hate for someone to think I didn't like them over a technological mishap.

Tim washed the dishes, which was nice of him, and wanted to run another few errands, but I had Peter coming over around 1. I was possibly supposed to fist him, but it was seriously like old times in terms of our passion. I rode him briefly, and he ended up cumming. I came for him as well, figuring that would make him not feel as bad about cumming quickly. Unfortunately, he actually wanted to make an afternoon of it, and would have been ready to go again later. I had social plans, though, and I'm rarely a multi-cummer anyway.

I met up with Bryan, Jon-Michael, and Colt at Gossip. Colt is visiting for a week or so, I had one drink there, but the boys wanted to stay in the gayborhood and I wanted to go to The Hole. Gave them a ride home, then to Babycakes, then finally off to the Hole. I bought a drink, chatted with a bunch of friends. I found McEwen and Paul, who apparently hadn't seen my latest porn shoot. He was mooneyed over a tall furry gent who took a liking to me. Also somewhat awkward was the nice guy who came up to me while I was chatting with McEwen to tell me I'm incredibly attractive and he wants to sleep with me. Flattering, but awkward.

McEwen was very hungry, but didn't really want to eat there, so we headed off to Mo's instead. Jess is now a hostess there, so we got seated right away. The biggest advantage was that we were sitting next to the DJ, and he ID'd a song for me. We only stayed at Mo's for one drink, and then I had to get home.


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