Apr. 8th, 2017

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Alex, who's been trying to fuck me forever, hit me up in the morning. He'd actually hit me up the night before as well, but earlier on when everyone was over. He's in chastity now, but wanted me to come over and fuck. My stomach wasn't cooperating, though I finally did get cleaned up and over there. Chris's ex fiance Josh is either his roommate or was also there as a trick. Apparently I misunderstood his repeated statements about removing his chastity device, because he kept it on the whole time. I fucked him, but my dick wasn't staying hard very well.

I had to get to rehearsal, so it was convenient that I left anyway. The bad news is that there are *still* dancers and singers no-showing for rehearsals. The good news is that the dancers who are there are getting the choreo down pretty well. We started with Hamilton, which included costumes. I'm actually really proud of myself on that - she gave me a medium vest, which is baggy at best. I try to channel all my diva behavior where it counts - DEVOURING THE SCENERY, so I really didn't want to make her take it in or similar. But I did ask for a small. It seems like a ridiculous thing now that I'm typing it, but it was terrifying in the moment.

We ran Hairspray next, and it's still irking me that another dancer is center stage. I'm right next to him, though, so it's going to push me to perform even harder. After that was Cell Block, which Charles re-choreographed. An odd thing to do two weeks before the show, but much of the movement is simpler now. My only qualm is that he took out the one pirouette we have in the entire dance. Fortunately, there is a part later for individual dancers to do a small 8 count. He initially had me doing petit battements to a grand battement, but since I have better turns than I do extension, I asked to change it. He accidentally taught the singers and dancers the same phrase on another part, and had to correct it to mirror. It's a minor change, but Ben, one of the other decent dancers, was having a hard time with it. He tried to make a ton of excuses - he just favors the right side, etc. But I helped him out with it nonetheless.

I was pretty beat after 5 hours of rehearsal, but didn't have much time before I had to get to the Sunset Temple for a non-porn leather shoot. I'm still not really following what it's for, tbh. Some AA fetish group is having a convention, I think, and doing a parody called "The Sound of Boozin." One of the other guys there decided he really likes me and would like to fuck me. He made out with me the whole shoot. He's keen to fuck me, and free any time....except M-Th evenings. We'll see what happens with that.

My fun flight attendant friend got in around 9:30 and wanted to go out for a bit, then flip fuck, but I was so fucking tired I decided to just crash. Unfortunately, I woke up at 2am because Bryan came home.


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