Apr. 7th, 2017

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Woke up to a voicemail that turned out to be from an old client of mine. One that went to jail for defrauding very desperate people. He called me again on my way to work, telling me he needed to talk to me in person, but refused to specify what. On the plus side, I also woke up to a FB message from Hugo. He's going to Majorca with a couple slutty gay friends, so nasty things will happen....but he hasn't been randy, I "took all his lust." Paul begs to differ. I didn't say that, of course, just caught him up on a few general updates here. He's also going to go to art school in Lausanne, which I fully support. He's very talented and young enough to take that kind of risk.

End of the week always means racing to get all my NOAs done, especially since I had so many this week, plus my meeting, it was a struggle. On the plus side, the mail was very very light. My meeting went well. Mostly chit-chat, and Lynelle understands what I'm talking about with the chorus. All my work is rockstar. I cover 3 claims digits, out of 10, but I've had almost half the claims that have come in. And they're all still on time and accurate. Fucking rockstar.

On my lunch break, I decided to walk to the Civic, since the issue with tickets was apparently now fixed. The seats I'd been going for were no longer available, and this gent reiterated that the me+3 deal is only online, but apparently they have some sort of similar deal. At this point, I wasn't even able to get the Me+ 3 to work online, so whatever.

I tried to schedule a shoot, but Dave was grumpy and decided to snipe at me. I was not in the mood and shot back, but nowhere near my normal zero to PU36 Space Modulator in under 3 seconds. Eat your heart out, Laura Branigan.

Bryan was on the couch when I got back, and Jeff missing from the living room. But my door was closed, which is a big nono unless there's another animal in the house that Lady Miss Friday doesn't like. Jeff was in my bed eating a pumpkin pie. Naturally. I was pleased to see Lady Miss Friday laying on the bed next to him and not hissing. I gave him some privacy, but eventually I did want my room back. We laid watching a couple Youtube videos for a few minutes, then I called Dave about the business, and Tim came over with Pupple.

Tim is concerned about his roommate, Tami, because she's apparently sinking and looking at him of all people to float her. He, in turn, has been looking to me, and needs to borrow an additional thousand by Monday. I can't really think about that, or my houseguests, or anything else right now.

Chip was in town wanting to get together, but I had nowhere concrete to invite him to. He swam with DSST, then had dinner with the boys, then invited me to Mo's. I tried to get cleaned up, but couldn't find my normal equipment. Asked if anyone had seen it, and no one had. It would later turn up between the shower curtains, but not before I had already ordered two more and had a minor meltdown in my head. It's good to have backups.

Chip arrived with Kathleen, said hi to the boys. I redirected us to PECS, since it's closer and drinks are cheaper. Mega right choice. I saw Brad there, as well as Reed and a few other friends. And one FB friend I'd never met before messaged me to tell me he was there. I met him and his partner, newly arrived from West Hollywood and now living in La Mesa. I think I might have taken them home, but Chip wanted to get going. There's time.


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