Apr. 6th, 2017

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Another rough morning waking up, no clue why. Once I got to work, a song I'd heard a week ago, which I'd decided I guardedly liked based on the background diva (Moby - A Perfect Life) smacked me upside the damn head. Listening on repeat, everything I could do not to collapse into a sobbing mess because it was so beautiful kind of smacked. A little browsing and I found the vocalist, Mindy Jones, and immediately bought both her EPs on Amazon. One is covers, the other is original work, and neither of them are as good as her work for Moby. That's common, really. Almost as common as Moby having a screamin' diva elevate his work.

One of my FB friends was having a hard time dealing with the chemical attack in Syria, which led to him having a hard time dealing with all of humanity and wishing there was a way to instantly kill every human on the planet. I refrained from point out that despite us being largely worse than Nature, Nature is really only "good" by comparison with us. Horrific atrocities occur in nature too, they're just not malicious. Instead, I gave him my best coping advice - volunteer, adopt, do whatever you can to make life less shitty for the things around you - and he seemed mollified.

I finally finished my taxes, paid Tim's phone bill. He's with Credo now - they're on par with AT&T on pricing, but they're a socially conscious company. That also finishes out his loan, going just $7 over. I had a good first month with the new ad, but things have slowed down, and between the loan and funding the porn company, my savings has taken a hit. Tim also asked if Tammy could be the 4th person, since if I'm buying 3 tickets, the 4th one is free. I'd really hoped to find someone else to go in on it with, but at this point, whatever. They're all coming because they want to see me.

Tickets on the site came with an additional $6+ fees per ticket. Not a huge deal individually, but since I'm buying 4, I thought I'd just swing down to the ticket office and buy them, apparently saving the Tickemaster fee. There was no parking, though I did manage to find 3 min passenger loading about a block away. The guy at the counter seemed bewildered, or high, and I don't really blame him. The ticketing office is shared by both the Civic and Balboa, and they have huge binders with tiny print for all the shows to reference.And apparently the me + 3 deal is only good online. Buying online I'd have to pay the Tickemaster fee, buying in person, I'd have to buy all tickets individually. Well played. I posted to the GMC group and Bob eventually said they'd talk to their ticketing person.

One of the gents from SF commented on my post that we should film together, and sent a screenshot to Jason, the owner of Guybone. He friended me on FB, and thanked me profusely for both my kind words about the scene itself, and then for my thoughtful response to Kris. YUS. Now if that would just translate to him hiring me more....

Jeff was *still* sleeping when I got home. Mark invited me over for Feud, which I thought was odd since we decided to do every other week last time, but I agreed anyway. When I got there, the mistake became apparent, and Mark decided we'd watch Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates instead. I'd heard nothing but horrible things about the movie, but too late to back out now. It was honestly pretty damn funny. Obviously some awful slapstick moments, particularly from the not-Zac Efron brother, but it was not nearly as bad as I'd been led to believe. It mostly seemed to be a vehicle for Audrey Plaza, as she had arguably the most complex character in the film. That is to say, 1.5 dimensional instead of .5, but still. I liked the camp that Anna Kendrick put into her part, too.

The boys pulled out dessert, and Mark had even bought fruit for me, but it was past 9, so I decided to go home and unwind before bed.


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