Apr. 5th, 2017

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The bad news is that waking up was very very difficult. I kept falling back to sleep, having weird dreams, and thinking it had been hours instead of minutes. The good news is that it had only been minutes each time.

John and Kathy were both out at work, and the internet went down for an hour. I used the time to clean up my desk, which occasionally starts drowning in things I've "set aside." I also checked Twitter on my phone, and saw that Guybone has posted the preview for my scene with Dayton. It's hot. Like....really hot. Possibly my best porn work to date. My knee jerk reaction to seeing myself on camera is to vomit uncontrollably, and that reaction fought violently with how hot the scene is. At some point, my brain stopped even recognizing myself in the video, just to reconcile the two. The edit, of course, doesn't include my disappointing cum shot. For what it's worth, everyone on FB seemed to agree on it being my best. Everyone except Kris, who's only input was to note that he'd scoffed at the amount they pay. I was about to delete it, as I really don't need that kind of bullshit on my wall. But I decided to go with a dialogue instead, and I'm happy I did. I are diplomat cat, this are diplomat post.

Tim's phone is being turned off. He's got just about enough in his loan to cover it, but I'm worried about unexpected additions that're probably going to pop up later.

Jeff was still crashed out on the couch when I got home, though either he or Bryan had done the dishes at some point. I took out the trash and recycling, got on the phone to try to clear up some things about my taxes.The website for our health insurance is godawful but their phone folk are lovely. Bryan came home, and politely ignored the very clearly crashed from drugs Jeff on the couch, but later went out to Flick's for Welfare Wednesday. He asked about a laundrymat nearby, but was then disappointed when I informed him that while I have one, he'd still have to pay for it. Less than a single drink at a bar.

He finally left, I finally crashed, Jeff continued dreaming.


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