Apr. 3rd, 2017

Running Low

Apr. 3rd, 2017 08:19 pm
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So tempting to call in. Particularly with Jeff still in my bed. But my phone doesn't have the ADI group preloaded into the contacts, and wasn't sure who all to email individually, so I had to go. Jeff was considerate enough to not cuddle with me or provide temptation, not that it would have changed things.

Nick messaged me, asking how my night was, and mentioned the awkwardness of meeting his affair's husband went away when he fucked the guy. I guess it sort of evens out? It never has for me, though it's done surprising amounts of good. I wasn't able to sleep on my break, which is probably good because I'm sure I would've woken up at 2am after the next bear night if I had. I also had a raging hard on for most of the day, despite having cum 4 times the day before. And I was slightly jealous of him, despite my exploits. Oh, Squeak.

I crashed almost as soon as I walked in the door at home, waking up a couple hours later and thirsty as fuck. Briefly reviewed cell block tango in my room, then headed over to rehearsal. It was a pretty rough night to have rehearsal, with everyone hungover and one additional singer there and one or two dancers missing. And due to the angle of the video, no one can really remember the last few 8 counts that were taught somewhat hurriedly when our brains were fried.

Bryan was home when I got back, and Jeff came back at some point. There's some awkwardness between him and Lady Miss Friday, which means he's probably not sleeping with me again any time soon. I also really need to get her a space she likes that can be just hers, but space is at a premium in my apartment. Jeff headed out to the couch, but woke me up later to tell me he was going to have coffee with a friend and then try to get into Stepping Stone in the morning. I'm not sure what time it was, but presumably that would be a lot of coffee. Or "coffee." But he didn't want me to worry when I woke up and my apt was empty. Nice of him, though a bit late.


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