Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Apparently I was very tired, because after having slept for 6 hours and only staying up for 3.5, I crashed for another 5. I had a tentative client at noon, and he messaged me a little after. He seemed uncertain, and I'd already cum twice, but he's my only client this week. Showered, headed down, found decent parking. Client was handsome, tall, heavy set Canadian with a slight French accent. He'd kind of wanted to flip with me, but wasn't sure of his ability to bottom. He was very very happy with my oral skills though....at least up until I got a nosebleed. Remarkable understanding about that, actually. I shot the headboard, he finally came, thanked me for my time.

Our call time for the Auction was 4, the FB event said the event started at 3, and the hosts said the auction itself was at 5. Apparently they wanted us schmoozing (and selling shots) with the crowd before then, but that's a lot of schmoozing. My shots didn't end up setting perfectly afterall, though they weren't watery, either. After I had a few, I figured out I might have put a bit too much booze in them. This is actually fine, as apparently the others didn't have any booze in them. Nick was there, in the unenviable position of meeting his friend who's husband he's been fucking on the regular for a while. He also wanted to drive my price up, which is very thoughtful of him. I saw Parker with the couple I'd played with last Saturday, as well as a new friend of theirs, Chris. We had a great time together, but they left before the auction started.

The auction itself was somewhat underwhelming. Landa Plenty, the main host, did a lip sync number to "Bring On The Men," then presented the bachelors one by one. She had a sheet with info for each of the 14 bachelors which was literally just our blurb from the FB page. No Q&A, no talent portion. My first bidder was actually Fernando, a fellow dancer who I'd gotten an inkling about a couple times, but I can never tell if it's attraction to my stunning good looks or awe of my world-class performance quality. Apparently it's the former, and he stayed in the bidding up to $175. An older gent I see at the gym sometimes upped it to $200 after that, then beat his own bid by going to $225.

All we were required to do was have dinner with them, in some combination paid for or donated by the dining establishment itself, though apps and drinks were not included. I treated my winner like an actual client, and this like a date. I gave my number to Fernando, made out with him and informed him I fully intend to make good on my unadvertised pledge of fucking everyone who bid on me, then spent the rest of the time hanging out socializing with the winner outside and being generally delightful. Ryan, a gent that Nick almost dated, was won by the gent's partner. While our winners were in the bathroom, he spoke about how upset he was with the proceedings. He went for under $200, but I guess last year fetched 3-500.

The menu options at Kous Kous were similarly underwhelming, at least as a vegan. The couple decided to get a sampler, and it was better than my dish. They also bought us drinks, which they certainly didn't have to. They also made it very clear they wanted to fuck us. Ryan declined, opting to go back to Flick's instead. I got cleaned up at home, then drove to their place in South Park. They're both well endowed, mostly tops. They tag teamed me, DP'd me, but weren't going to cum anytime soon, so I tapped out of fucking and into spending time with their rescue Yorkies. The guy that won me is nice enough, but has an angry streak to him that I don't trust. I can't imagine where it comes from, since having a big dick and being financially independent is about all I could ask for.

Both houseguests were home when I got back. Bryan had spent much of the weekend with a friend, at least partly at Paul's urging. I did appreciate the break, but only because he's a tiny bit on the loud side. Jeff had actually been home most of the weekend as well, but mostly been sleeping the whole time. Bryan has a friend who wants to contact me about some LL/T questions, and I told him to give the guy my number. I was too drunk to trust anything, but I'm likely going to have to look up whatever he asks anyway.

I was drunk enough that I suggested Jeff spend the night with me, which rapidly turned into Jeff fucking me. We flip fucked most of the night, dozing for just a couple hours in the middle. I even managed to piss inside him, at his request and urging. In the back of my head, I'm aware that he's still in the throes of addiction and often literally and technically homeless.


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